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  • Three children (5-7 years) tying mother with rope in living room
  • sb10062916r-001
  • DigitalVision
  • Thinking. Smart. Brainy. Thinks. Genius. IQ. Smart woman, female. Girl. Wondering. Wonder. What makes girls. How to get someone's curiosity. Thoughts. Shower thoughts. Getting new ideas. How to get fr
  • 496683202
  • iStock
  • Dressed up Girl Standing at Shelf
  • 78743986
  • Fuse
  • Tired. Exhausted. Out of energy. Restoring energy. How to recover body health and energy. Tiredness. Fatigue. Minimizing fatigue. Physical exhaustion. Illness. Sick. Sick cartoon girl. Do I need a doc
  • 496683302
  • iStock
  • Talking. Giving a speech. Speaking. Chatting with someone. Direct communication. Chatty girls. Types of chatty girls. Talkative. Mouthy. A talking cartoon picture. Daily activity. Public speaking. Loq
  • 496682870
  • iStock
  • Cork, Ireland
  • 157865276
  • Wavebreak Media
  • Scared. Scared feelings. Worried feeling. Feeling a threat. Feeling fear of something. Perception of danger. Insecurity. Threatened. Panic. Anxiety. Stress. Anger. Afraid. Perception of horror and ter
  • 496682056
  • iStock
  • Portrait of a baby boy sitting in a high chair
  • 57567312
  • Purestock
  • She is very mad at someone or something. Feeling not wanting to talk or see anything. Shut tight. Eyes and mouth closed. No words. Silence. Blind. Not caring.
  • 496682152
  • iStock
  • Woman spilled coffee on computer keyboard, side view
  • 79317461
  • amana images
  • Boy holding a notebook close to his chest
  • 56903235
  • Blend Images
  • Snob. Cocky. Big-headed. Smart-ass. Nerdy girl. Cartoon nerdy girl. Cute geeks. Girl in glasses. Snobby behavior. What is a snob. What is called being snobby. Socialite. High social position. A sociab
  • 496682370
  • iStock
  • Portrait Of Teenage Girl Frowning
  • 84631041
  • Monkey Business
  • Smelly stuff. Unpleasant smell. Smells you don’t like. Smells that people hate. Unusual smells. Unpleasant fragrant. Body odors. Smelly armpits. Take a shower. Does your body smell? How to keep body o
  • 496682452
  • iStock
  • Boy (5-7) pulling face, holding thumb to nose, side view
  • 200214366-001
  • Photodisc
  • Lemon. Lemonade. What lemon tastes like. Sour. Unpleasant taste. Vitamin c. When life gives you lemon. What vinegar tastes like. Lime juice. What orange tastes like. Making a sour face. Get rid of lem
  • 496682544
  • iStock
  • Tough. Strong. Independent. An independent girl. Woman emancipation. Gender equality. Signs of strong and independent woman, girl, or female. How to be a strong woman. Handhips. Akimbo. A correct akim
  • 496683412
  • iStock
  • Boy (9-11) in park aiming catapult, portrait
  • 200276648-001
  • DigitalVision
  • Naughty devil schoolboy with lines written on a blackboard reading I will try harder in class and devils horns, tail and pitchfork. Detention and school discipline / punishment concept
  • 470751335
  • iStock
  • Young boy (6-7) about to destroy toy car, girl (3-4) crying, mother sitting in armchair
  • sb10062916b-001
  • DigitalVision
  • Baby Girl Throwing Stuffed Animal
  • 78814247
  • Fuse
  • Bored. Boredom. Negative vibe. Squatting girl. A girl with nothing to do. Cartoons. Emotions. Cartoon girl. Squatting girl. How to kill boredom. Bad mood. Lack of activities. Keeping yourself entertai
  • 496549524
  • iStock
  • A picture of a sad blond cartoon girl. Breaking up. Heartbreaking. Tear jerking. Daily emotions and feelings drawn into cartoon pictures. Feeling not happy. Heavy-hearted. Disadvantage, loss, despair,
  • 496554562
  • iStock
  • Confused. Confusion. Questionable. Asking questions. A cartoon girl wondering about something. A confused female cartoon character. Emotions and feelings. Standing up with legs crossed. What to do whe
  • 496549896
  • iStock
  • Young boy (6-7 years) wearing cowboy costume, standing on armchair yelling
  • sb10062916p-001
  • DigitalVision
  • Excited is a good vibe that triggers happiness. A picture of an excited girl. The girl is in form of cartoon digital drawing. The picture represents an excited blonde woman in a tanktop and a pair of
  • 496551982
  • iStock
  • She’s feeling goofy. It means she’s in the mood of being silly and funny. In the picture she’s narcissing by taking selfies. A cute cartoon blonde girl taking selfies. It shows her goofiness. Girls li
  • 496552978
  • iStock
  • Shout, scream, yell, shriek, hoot, holler, outcry. Talking in high notes. She’s mad at someone therefore she’s yelling . High-pitched and sharp sound. A girl yelling at his boyfriend. Cartoon drawing
  • 496554958
  • iStock
  • Boy (6-7 years) holding decapitated dolls and yelling
  • sb10062916w-001
  • DigitalVision
  • Depression. Feeling depressed. What causes depression. Overcoming depression. Avoiding depression. Depressed girls. Female periodic depression. A depressed girl scratching her face. Emotions. Negative
  • 496550198
  • iStock
  • Daughter Having Tantrum in Office
  • 80410189
  • Fuse
  • Embarrased. Shyness. A cartoon picture of a blond girl covering her chest area due to embarrassment. Embarrassed and shy is a part of emotions and feelings human can feel. The picture is a digital dra
  • 496551570
  • iStock
  • Girl dressed as princess pouting
  • 78154917
  • BananaStock
  • Disgust. Feeling disgusted. Nasty stuff. A cartoon girl is disgusted by a pile of feces. How to minimize disgusted feelings. Emotions and feelings. Cartoons imagery. Digital drawing. Human feelings.
  • 496551076
  • iStock
  • Ecstatic is one of the good feeling humans can feel. It resembles overwhelming happiness,and  joyful excitement. This picture shows an excited and happy young woman with blond hair. This character is
  • 496551334
  • iStock
  • Young boy (6-7) wearing party hat, making mess in room after party
  • sb10062916a-001
  • DigitalVision
  • Bratting girl. Brat. Cute cartoon blond girl. Bad behavior. She’s spitting saliva. Bratting is caused by negative emotions for a certain behaviour. What is bad about bratting? Is bratting normal for k
  • 496549704
  • iStock
  • Exhausted. Extremely tired. Exhaustion. Feeling tired after a long day. Lack of energy to do more activity. Rough day. Sleepy head. A picture of blonde cartoon girl feeling exhausted after a long day.
  • 496552264
  • iStock
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